Pro 4 Relay Module

Pro4 Relay module

Top of the line 4 relay board features:

4 industrial 70amp relays

uses heavy duty J-case / FMX style fuses

Billet aluminium base

premade plug in harness

1/4" input stud and #10 output studs.

Fuses Not Included!

Fuses available in FMX/J case fuse catagory

Make sure to select if you need any of the relays to be negative triggered (mean if you have a specific purpose to use a ground to turn a relay on) If you have no need for any negative triggers then put 0 in the option field. Note that if you choose any Negative triggers there will be an arm wire that disables the Negative trigger relays until 12 volts is applied to the extra wire. This wire will apply to all the negative triggered relays only. Must put a number between 0-4 in the box below for negative triggers!! 


Pro 4 Relay Module
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