• 8 Rocker Switch Panel/ Pro8 Relay Combo

    Enter how you want the rockers custom labeled from left to right

    This is our 8 Rocker Switch Panel Combo with our Pro8 Relay Module. 

    Also there is an option to upgrade to the Pro8SS solid state relay module.

    Pro 8 Relay Module features:

    8 70 amp industrial relays

    heavy duty J-case/FMX style fuse sockets FUSES NOT INCLUDED

    Fuses available in FMX/J case fuse catagory

    led indicators

    Billet Aluminium base

    Epoxied for protection

    1/4" input stud and #10 output studs

    You can now add a ESTOP button. This is a safety feature so in case of emergency you can reach your switch panel and push the button to kill power to the switch panel

    so that everything its controlling will shut off.  It's easier than trying to flip all the rockers off in a hurry.