• Dual Power Window/Power Door Lock Relay Module


    This module is perfect for power windows or power door locks. 
    Example of uses: You can mount one inside your car and operate 2 power
    windows. Add another one to do power locks.
    Or you can install one in each door and use one part for power windows 
    and one part to do the power locks for a simple install that would only 
    need a hot and ground wire ran in the door.
    12v goes to 12 volt source. 14-16 gauge wire
    Grd goes to ground. 14-16 gauge wire
    M1 and M2 connect to the window motor. Polarity doesn’t matter now.
    S1 and S2 goes to the switches. They are triggered by 12 volts.
    Test the windows or door locks. If the switches are backwards then swap 
    the S1/S2 Wires.
    The module is pretty simple. Voltage on the S1 makes M1 output 12 volts 
    and M2 Ground. Voltage on S2 makes M2 output 12volts and M1 ground.