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  • EFI Pro I/O Module

    list the number of ground input triggers you need. If none put 0.

     Our new EFI Pro Input/Output module.

    Attn: This is for more advanced wiring projects. It comes with loose pins and plugs. So it requires crimping the pins to your wires!

    This Module is designed to make it easier to wire an EFI systems extra inputs and outputs from the

    ECU.  Also makes it easier to add input sensors or devices on the outputs as you need them.


    8x 70amp outputs

    The outputs are solid state so they can be pulsed if needed.

    Can be built for 12 volt or ground triggering of the outputs.

    Uses heavy duty J-case fuses.

    LED indictors.

    12 general purpose inputs for connecting sensors for datalogging.

    We can set up the outputs to be set for 12 volts or ground activated.

    Most ECU's use grounding outputs but some like the Holley have ground

    and 12 volt outputs to trigger relays of our modules. So in the text box at the

    bottom you need to write in there whether you need 12 volts or ground triggers

    to activate the outputs of the I/O Module.

    Watch video for description of what it does.

    Click here for video of I/O Module