• 4 Stage Nitrous Timer Original Version


    4 Stage Programmable Digital Nitrous Timer Controller 

    Features 4 70amp high current fused relay outputs that can be configured for time on and time off activations with .01 increments, ability to enable or disable any stage, manual motor purge inputs for the 4 main stages. Transbrake input that prevent nitrous activation while on transbrake. Programmable from 0.000 to 99.99 in .01 increments . Can be programmed so that if throttle is lifted the nitrous stages will shut off and then restart where it left off when throttle is reapplied or wire so if throttle lifted the nitrous stages will shut off then restart timers and start over when throttle is reapplied.  

    If you only need 3 stages the 4th stage can be used for a purge relay or other purposes.

    I can also put custom names for the stages on the display if needed. Like: bank1, bank2, plate1, ect......

    J-case fuses not included.

    Fuses available in FMX/J case fuse catagory