Made in USA by Real Racers
  • Street/Strip Module and 8 Rocker Switch Panel

    #1 rocker is always Ignition. #2-8 can be whatever you want. Also list if you need any of them momentary rockers.

    This is a downgraded version of our Street/Strip Rocker and Relay Module combo. This version lets you trigger the blinkers and headlights externally with your own blinker and light switches. This is useful if you are using factory switches for blinkers and lights. This version will come with a 8 Rocker Switch Panel to control the main 8 relays of the Street/Strip board Instead of the Street/Strip Rocker Panel.

    Brand NEW upgrade. Now the transbrake relay is a Solid State Relay. So the transbrake relay can be used as a normal transbrake relay or for  transbrake bumping controller by a ECU like a Holley. Can also be setup for positive or negative trigger.

    You will need to type in the box how you want the switches labeled. Note that the first switch is the ignition switch.

    Street/Strip wiring board
    features: 8x 70 amp relays with heavy duty fuse sockets (one with built in optional transbrake safety for use with nitrous system), fused transbrake relay. Fused lighting outputs including high beam headlights, low beam headlights, turn signal blinkers, brake light, park light, 3 fuse batt+ outputs, 5 fused ignition voltage outputs. Board measures 9.375" x 4.5", billet aluminium base. This is like my 8 relay board, prostreet board and single stage nitrous board all in one compact unit. J-case fuses not included.

    You can now add a ESTOP button. This is a safety feature so in case of emergency you can reach your switch panel and push the button to kill power to the switch panel

    so that everything its controlling will shut off.  It's easier than trying to flip all the rockers off in a hurry.