• 20 Input Module

    This is our 20 input module to make adding sensor to you EFI or logger.
    For example on how this works: Lets say you have a FuelTech FT600.  That has 20 universal sensor inputs. you connect all 20 input wires to the big plug on this board. You also connect your 5 volt and 12 volt sensor power and sensor ground to the big plug. That distributes everything to the channel input plugs. Each input plug has the signal input, ground, 12volts and 5volts at the plug. You choose either 5volts or 12 volts depending on what you sensor need.
    Now any time you want to add a sensor you just crimp the small plugs on the sensor wire and plug it into the channel you want it to read on. Simple as that.

    Comes with loose plugs and pins so its not for a first time wiring guy:-) Requires crimping plugs on the wires.