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  • MegaJr Relay Module

    Ground trigger?

    Our NEW MegaJr Relay Module for those who just need MORE!


    8 general purpose 70amp relays. Uses heavy duty J-Case fuses. One with optional neutral safety incase you need to connect a starter. #10 output stud size.

    12 general purpose 30amp relays. Uses ATC fuses. #10 output stud size.

    1x 70 amp ignition relay that powers a bank of 10 fused outputs. Uses mini blade fuses.

    Relays can be built for positive or negative triggers. They come standard all positive but if you need any ground triggered relays just specify that and we'll built as you need. 

    weights 2# 14oz.

    10 5/8 x 4 1/2 inches in size.