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  • Pro 6 Relay Module

    Put 0 in box if none are needed

    Pro6 Relay Module


    6 35amp relays

    led indicators for all relays

    now uses ATC blade fuses

    billet aluminium base

    Powdercoated for protection

    standard positive voltage inputs to trigger relays

    option negative input triggers on request

    preterminated wire harness included

    Make sure to put how many inputs that you need to be ground activated in the box below. If you need the standard board that just used 12/16 volts from switches to activate relays then put "0" in the box. Note that if you choose any Negative triggers there will be an arm wire that disables the Negative trigger relays until 12 volts is applied to the extra wire. This wire will apply to all the negative triggered relays only.