• Single Stage Timer


    Single Stage Timer:

    Here you go guys! A purpose built nitrous delay timer. Features a 0-6.3 second delay in .1 increments (can custom calibrate for a 0-.630 second in .01 increments) relay used to delay nitrous activation. Unit has a built in interrupt input used to disable nitrous timer during transbrake activation. Has onboard 70 amp relay and fuses so there's no need to have any extra external relays to clutter up your wiring. Unit can be set for no delay on instantly and can be disabled using the last 2 dip switches. Timer can also be set to wait for the delay then turn on the relay or it can be set to turn the relay on instantly when activated then wait the delay and turn off the relay with the last 2 dip switches. Very simple to operate and use. Timer also is very small and compact for all the features it has. Measures about 2"x3.5". Easy to mount. Nothing like the hideous old Digisets. These unit can be wired togeather for multi nitrous kit configurations.  Even thought I built it for nitrous this timer can be used for many other purposes too.

    Uses J-case fuses (not included)

    Fuses available in FMX/J case fuse catagory


    Make sure you check the box for 0-6.30 seconds or 0-.630 seconds. I know some serious nitrous guys like the 0-.630 delay range. And you must type something in the drop down window after you select which timer range you want or it wont add the item to your cart. 

    If you click on any pictures and they seem blurry at first they should go high quality in a few seconds or up to 1 minute. Just wait and the pic will be very high quality!